My blue-eyed bluebird

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I have always loved Halloween, but I’m not much of a scary Halloween person. I’m also not much of a dress my baby as a princess person. I’m sure that one Halloween before I know it, Alice is going to want me to make her a princess or a witch, but until then, I’ll dress her up in cute little forest animal costumes.


I used this super easy tutorial from Prudent Baby. I made the costume a little big on her so that she can use it for dress-up as she grows older. Who doesn’t need a bird costume in their dress up box?


Alice is walking just in time to trick-or-treat! We’ll just visit a few houses of some good friends, but maybe we’ll let her have a taste of candy this year.

Halloween 2011

Last year I crocheted this hat for my bitty bear the night before Halloween following this YouTube tutorial. She was such a grumpy baby back then! It’s so nice to have a cheery 14-month old for Halloween this year!


Alice is One!

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Alice had her first birthday in August! I can’t believe it’s been a year already and I don’t have a tiny baby any more. But I have to admit, I much prefer having a one-year old over having a newborn. Sleep is a wonderful thing, and so is watching Alice pick up new skills by the hour. She’s amazing!

My birthday gift to her was this super cute elephant jumper and amigurumi elephant. I grew up with the Ed Emberly drawing books, so I can’t get enough of this elephant fabric. Isn’t it adorable?! I want the rest of the fabric collection! The elephant amigurumi pattern is from the Tiny Yarn Animals book.

The dress is reversible! The pattern is the Jump-N dress from Olive Ann Designs. The dress is a bit too big on her now, but it should fit some time in the next year.

We had a quiet birthday with just the three of us. I promise I’ll throw big, fun parties when Alice gets a bit older. But this time, we just had a picnic in the park and Alice got to eat her first processed sugar. I made homemade funfetti cupcakes and she loved them (of course).


Update with a photo of Alice wearing the elephant dress. It finally fits her now that she is 20 months old. :-)

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Baby Toys

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Whew! Life with a baby sure goes fast! We have survived the newborn stage and are thoroughly enjoying our five month old sweetie. I am back at work full-time, Dave is back in school in his terminal studio (woo, the end of architecture school is in sight!), and Alice is settling into daycare. She smiles all of the time now, and her laughs melt our hearts!


I’ve made a goal to make one craft a week and I’m going four weeks strong! I started with these adorable baby booties made from this pattern. Aren’t they to die for cute??


Then I used the left over yarn to make this crocheted loop toy (pattern here).

Loop toy

It’s a good size for her little hands to pick up and she loves chewing on it. I did put jungle bells in, but they don’t make much noise, so I think you could easily go without.


I made this A because I thought Alice might want something that crinkles and silky ribbons to feel. But she pretty much just loves to shove it as far into her mouth as possible. It’s her current favorite toy and is always soaking wet with baby drool.


I hear that disposable wipes bags work well for crinkle material, but we use reusable wipes so I didn’t have any. But I did have a crinkly tortilla chip bag, so I cut an A out of that and two fabric scraps. Then I stacked the bottom fabric A, crinkle A, ribbons, and top fabric A. I sewed 1/2″ around the edge, cut the crinkle material down close to the seam, and sewed again 1/4″ from the edge. The outside fabric frays a bit, but the plastic edges are secured inside of the seams.


Today I finished my first sock monkey (pattern here)!


I bought these socks for myself and think they are so cute. But then I realized they would make a good sock monkey for Alice, so I resisted wearing them and set them aside. The sacrifices I’m making already. Ha!


What should I make next weekend? Does anyone have any suggestions for good baby toys/crafts?


Spring is here!

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Happy Spring! Who knew 45* F would feel so warm? After a very long Wisconsin winter, it feels positively balmy!

Dave got home last night from visiting the University of Oregon. He said if Portland and Ithaca had a baby, it would be Eugene. That sounds pretty good to me! He really liked the campus and the architecture program, so we may very well be heading back out west. We’ll be making our final decision next week. While he was gone, I made him this amigurumi fox from Tiny Yarn Animals: Amigurumi Friends to Make and Enjoy. He is by no means “tiny,” but he’s still pretty cute.

I also made myself a present this week. I made this Buttercup Bag from a pattern by Made By Rae. I lined it with some great tiny heart fabric that I found at a garage sale years ago. The pattern is super simple, and it can be easily made in an evening.

Happy Easter weekend everyone!


Start of my first crocheted afghan

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I started noticing that every house that I go into has at least one granny square afghan slung over the couch. Who made all of these afghans? Why don’t I know all of these people who crochet large blankets as gifts for their friends and families? I guess since I don’t know any of them, I’ll have to make one for myself!

I’m using this great granny square tutorial from the purl bee. Granny squares are super easy and quick. I really love the rhythm my hands go into once I get started.

I started making my 3-round squares with Lion Brand Jiffy yarn in denim, violet, and country green. Then I realized that I would have to make approximately 1 zillion (or 168) of these squares to make an afghan. So I decided to add another round:

Now I only have to make approximately 1 billion squares (or 72). Twenty-one squares down, fifty-one to go!

Dave is off to Eugene, Oregon tonight to check out the University of Oregon’s architecture program. I wish I could go along! He’s taking our camera with, so I probably won’t post much until he gets back. But I will surely be filling my time by crafting the evenings away, so expect some craft-filled posts at the end of the week. Happy spring everyone!


Learning to crochet + amigurumi

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I’ve been itching to learn how to crochet, so this weekend I headed to the bookstore to find a good book to help me learn. I was disappointed in most of the “Learn to Crochet” books there, but then I remembered that Klutz had a crochet book. I headed over to the children’s section and picked up Crochet: Learn to Crochet Six Great Projects by Klutz. The book is great!! I highly recommend it for anyone looking to learn. Plus it comes with a crochet hook, a yarn needle, stitch markers, and some yarn to get you started.

While in the regular craft section, though, I happened upon Tiny Yarn Animals: Amigurumi Friends to Make and Enjoy. Now this “amigurumi” word I had just heard for the first time the day before by a friend who said to me “You’ve never heard of amigurumi?? How have you been in the online craft circle and not seen it? It’s huge online!” Apparently I have been under a rock. I bought the book even though I thought it would take me a few months before I could master crocheting enough to make a doll.

But it was actually incredibly easy!! The day after I learned to crochet, I made this adorable octopus. Then last night I finished up the little pig. Mainly you just have to figure out how to read the patterns and know how to do a single crochet. I started with the single color ones that looked fairly simple, but next I think I’m going to try a fox or a lemur or something.

You can also get tons of free patterns online. Here are a few sites I found that have collected patterns from around the tubes:

And here’s a great youtube video that helped me:

Hooray for a new craft! Sometimes I feel like the Jack of all crafts, Master of none.