Jo-Ann Simply For Baby Nursery Tour

June 29th, 2012  |  Published in Baby, Crafts, Decorating, Sewing  |  0 Comments

I made a little tour of Alice’s nursery to enter in the Jo-Ann Simply For Baby contest. Check it out on pinterest here. And while you’re there, be sure to check out the other entries. So much nursery inspiration!



Headboard with Hidden Storage

May 31st, 2010  |  Published in Crafts, Decorating  |  14 Comments

We currently live in a two bedroom apartment with no garage, basement, yard, or storage. Apartment living definitely has it’s perks – when our roof leaks, we just pick up the phone and someone comes to fix it for free. We don’t have to mow the lawn. We get lots of heat from neighboring apartments. And instead of spending time and money on home improvement projects, I can craft and decorate and spend time on smaller things.

But apartment living has it’s setbacks, too. We can’t make any major changes (ugh, tan carpeting and old cabinets!). We don’t have a yard to garden in. And we have no place to store things.

We got rid of some of our hidden storage in this apartment by removing the ugly hall closet doors. Our second bedroom turned into our guest room/storage/letterpress/crafts/my husbands home workspace/seed starting central. Ahhh, that is far too much for one room to handle. So when I saw this post with a beautiful headboard creating some hidden storage, I knew I had found an answer to at least one problem!

See our bedroom also has a weird cove thing in it. It has this odd mirror plastered to the wall inside the cove. And I hit my head on the top of it almost every day. This cove had to go. And what better way than with shelves and a padded headboard?!

We picked up some fun fabric at IKEA, a few pieces of OSB at Home Depot, and 1″ medium density foam. Thankfully both Home Depot and the fabric store we found the foam at were able to cut the materials to the dimensions we needed. Our apartment doesn’t yet hold power tools and I was a bit stressed about cutting the foam myself.

This was a new-sew project. I just folded over the edges of the fabric, pulled it tight, and tacked it down with 3/8″ double point staples. (Another apartment setback – stressing out that your downstairs neighbor will report you for a noise violation when you spend all day hammering…) I love that I could just easily pull the fabric off and replace it with different fabric if my decor taste changes.

I added two shelves at varying heights so that I could fit different sized/shaped items inside.

I loaded in boxes of things that we don’t need to access all that often – old yearbooks, college course notebooks (someday I will want to know what that equation I learned in biometry sophomore year was!), etc.

Then I slid the headboards in, tucked the bed back in, and voila! No more weird cove, creepy mirror, or head bruises. Now we have a cute decoration, padding to lean up against, and easily accessible storage. Hooray!

Next step: bedside tables. Room by room, I plan to make this apartment as cozy and stylish as possible!


Cute pillowcases

December 4th, 2009  |  Published in Crafts, Decorating, Sewing  |  4 Comments

Remember that great organic cotton fabric I won back in May? It moved across the country with me and has been sitting on top of my fabric pile, guilting me daily for not putting it to good use. Well, I finally found a perfect use for it! I used Sparkle Power!‘s great Super Easy Removable Pillow Cover Tutorial to add some decoration to our couch. It really was the simplest project – no zippers or hand-sewing seams closed. Just a few straight lines and then shoving a pillow inside. Thanks Sparkle Power!


Cozy Living

June 26th, 2009  |  Published in Decorating  |  4 Comments

So we have officially settled into life in Eugene, Oregon. I got a job at a nonprofit that certifies inputs for organic farming (i.e. fertilizers, composts, pesticides, livestock feeds, etc.). There’s a lot of chemistry and science to learn, as well as all of the governmental standards that regulate organic food production. But it’s definitely keeping my brain challenged, and I think it’s going to be such an interesting and fulfilling position. I just finished my first full week of work, and definitely need the weekend for the information in my brain to sort itself out a bit! Dave also just finished his first week of architecture school. He built his first site model out of cardboard, and will design a house, guest house, and tower to fit on it in the weeks to come. Whew!

Luckily we finished our living room just in time. Now we have a cozy space to come home and relax in after our new, exciting, and tiring days! When we first walked in the door of this apartment, my heart sank a little. It was musty and dark and ugly. But now that we’ve finally got it in order, I couldn’t be happier with it!

Here are some before and after shots of our place.



The awesome bookshelves are from IKEA. They’re a perfect fit! You can see my new cat scratcher in the foreground, which I’m proud to announce Cricket has taken to swimmingly. She is using it like a pro these days.



You can see the finished hall closet in the background. The cool wall lights are from IKEA. The awesome couch is a 1960′s vinyl couch we found on craigslist. The TV stand is temporary/a craft project waiting to happen.

And look at the finished coffee table!!! That’s the one that Dave and my father-in-law built this past spring. Isn’t it beautiful?

And this one doesn’t have a before picture, but you can see the blue accent wall we painted and a peek at our refinished library table in the dining area/kitchen.

We’ve still got to get the bedroom and the office/craft room in order, so our work is not done yet. Until then, though, it’s time to veg out in our cozy living space.


Hall Closet Makeover

June 12th, 2009  |  Published in Decorating  |  7 Comments

For step 1 of our “apartment cute-ification” process, I made over our ugly hall closet into a built-in bookcase.

This closet wasn’t the ugliest thing in our apartment, but it was definitely not cute. The doors were wobbly and unattractive. And check out that contact paper. Blah!

So we removed the doors and stashed them in the spare bedroom closet. Tore off the contact paper. Painted the back wall blue (the same color as our new living room accent wall!). Painted the shelves white. And then filled with books and games and photos. Sure we lost a space to shove unsightly items, but the finished look adds a bit of personality to the apartment and I just love it!