Bee in my Bonnet Row Along

October 7th, 2012  |  Published in Sewing  |  1 Comment

I tried to make a quilt once before. I promised my now husband that I would make him a quilt on our first month anniversary. I bought fabric, cut out squares, and sewed them all together on my dorm room floor. I didn’t know the first thing about quilting and definitely did not have any of the right tools. I just sewed the squares together in long wonky lines, then sewed them into a giant, crazy rectangle. And that’s how far I got. I packed that hideous quilt top into a box, and have kept it that way for nine years. My husband still asks me from time to time when he’s getting that quilt I promised him.

Bee In My Bonnet Row Along

I swore off quilting, thinking that it was putzy and took too long for gratification. But I keep seeing so many beautiful quilt tutorials posted on pinterest, I have a growing stash of fabric scraps, and I have an adorable little girl to sew for. So it was only time before I started on a scrap quilt for Alice. Maybe if this one goes well, my next quilt will be for my husband.

Bee In My Bonnet Row Along

I stumbled on Bee in my Bonnet’s row along when she was on the second row. I think that was fate!

Bee In My Bonnet Row Along

She has step-by-step photo instructions that are so clear and easy to follow. I made my first “according to the rules” quilt rows.

Bee In My Bonnet Row Along

She posts a new row every two weeks, so it’s not too overwhelming. The quilt won’t be finished until next spring. Which is fine my me, because this will be for Alice once she moves to a twin bed.

Bee In My Bonnet Row Along

Do you recognize some of the fabrics? I spy Alice’s bonnet, crib rails, fabric beach balls, snuggler, pinafore, and more!

Anyone up to give it a try? The fourth row will be posted this week. You can still catch up! There is also a Flickr group, so you can go check out everyone’s super cute rows.

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  1. Amanda S. says:

    October 8th, 2012 at 4:12 pm (#)

    OMG Annie! I ALSO made an unfinished quilt for a boy. I also got to the wonky rectangle stage and then jumped ship. My mom ended up giving it to a friend who finished it off for someone else! Me and the boy broke up. So finish that quilt. Good news is that I met my husband. Bad news is that I have a fancy sewing machine I’ve never even used!!!

    This quilt is ADORABLE! Alice will cherish it for years to come!

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